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Suhagra 25mg

Buy Suhagra 25mg Online

Suhagra is one of the most effective and most affordable erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments out in the online market today. This medication has the same, positive effects like any other top brands for treating erectile dysfunction because its compounds are identical to other ED drugs.

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Suhagra 25mg

Sildenafil citrate, or commonly sold in the market as Suhagra 25mg, is a drug that is used to relax the muscles and increase the flow of the blood to specific parts of the body. One of the basic purposes of this drug is used to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction in men. The drug, Suhagra 25mg, does not help in phallus erection, but helps in erection whenever there is a stimulation (physical or psychological). Besides treating erectile dysfunction, the drug is also used to increase the stamina in people and in treating pulmonary arterial hypertension. Apart from tablets, the drug is also available in other forms such as effervescent tablets, chewable tablets and oral jelly.

How does Suhagra 25mg Work?

The drug, which is primarily an inhibitor of phosphodiesterace5 enzyme, acts against the activities of enzymes and helps improve the flow of blood to the phallus. This seamless flow of blood to the phallus helps in erection.

Intake – Best Practices and Dosage

People who intend to take this drug to treat erectile dysfunction must remember that the advice of a doctor is essential before they actually start its intake. Once the doctor has examined you physically and carried out the necessary tests, he will prescribe the dosage and the directions for use. The dosage, which is prescribed by the doctor must not be altered or stopped without his permission.

The best method to consume the tablets will be to swallow them along with water. They should not be dissolved in water and drunk, however, if the drug is of the form effervescent tablet, it should be dissolved in water and consumed. The effervescent tablet is designed in such a way that it dissolves completely into the liquid medium, so that people can consume the tablets seamlessly. Further, chewable tablets should be consumed directly and chewed. The tablets, regardless of whichever form they are in, should be consumed at the same time as prescribed by the doctor each day. Moreover, this consumption should prolong as long as the doctor notifies to stop. When it comes to the interval between each dosage should not be less than twenty four hours; and care should be taken that in case you forget to consume the tablet one dose, you must never try to compensate for it by consuming more than one at the same time, or consuming it within very shirt intervals. If you forget to take a tablet, just carry on with the next dose as directed by the doctor. Further, never try to overdose yourself with this tablet because consuming this tablet too much may bring in undesirable consequences to your body. In such cases, you must immediately visit your doctor and have yourself examined.

Suhagra 25mg and the Side effects Associated with it

One of the first and the foremost thing to remember as far as side effects is concerned is that the sideeffects need not be mandatorily experienced by everyone. It all depends on the individuals and the severity and the occurrence of sideeffects may vary from person to person. Some of the reported sideeffects of this drug include pain, nausea and dizziness; a tingling sensation in arms, neck and jaw; an erection that is painful in nature; sudden impairment in hearing and loss of vision; unusual increase or decrease in heartbeat, swelling up of feet, ankles or hands or erection that prolongs for over 4 hours.

Things to Consider While Consuming Suhagra 25mg

Apart from consulting your doctor before consuming the drug, you should consider the below mentioned factors as well. This is because the following factors are critical because not taking these into considerations may result in side effects and consequences. Check out the factors below:

  • • The first thing is you should never recommend this drug to anyone because a proper advice of a doctor is needed for anyone to consume this drug
  • • Never recommend this drug to children who are below 18 years
  • • Since this drug can temporarily make you find it difficult to drive, proper alternates should be made in advance
  • • You should avoid the consumption of alcohol as long as the dosage period prolongs
  • • Limit or completely avoid eating food that is rich in fiber

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Sildenafil Tablets


25 mg

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Sildenafil Citrate


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